FTI's conference 2014 - Call for presentation

The Swedish Association for Technical Communicators
www.teknikinformatoren.se, info@teknikinformatoren.se

Open call to technical communicators and technical information companies for a presentation at FTI's conference

Location: Radisson Blu Royal Park Hotel, Stockholm
Date: 26-27 March 2014
Theme: "Producing for a global audience and in a global environment"

FTI has been around since 1964 and next year we will celebrate our 50 year anniversary. We want to celebrate this with an extra exciting FTI conference.
We hope to attract more presenters, exhibitors and visitors than usual.
Therefore, we have now an open invitation to everyone in the industry. Would you like to participate as a speaker or manage a workshop?

We offer the following:
  • A knowledgeable and well-educated audience within technical information.
  • Space for a 40 minute presentation.
  • A description of yourself and your subject on our website and in the conference program, which will be sent to more than 300 members and as an attachment to the press release.
  • Free entry including lunch and refreshments throughout the conference (worth about 2000 SEK). FTI does not pay for fees, travel or accommodation.

You offer us the following:
A presentation on the theme "Producing for a global audience and in a global environment". (It can be about tools, techniques, problem solving, trends, research, new media, new behaviours around information etc.)

Submit your proposal to cfp@teknikinformatoren.se before 15 October. Please use the template at the bottom of this invitation.

Selection process:
Our selection process is expected to be completed on 5 November 2013. We will evaluate the proposals based on four criteria:

  1. Relevance to the theme "Producing for a global audience and in a global environment".
  2. Quality and content of the presentation
  3. Objectivity (absence of product advertising)
  4. A complete entered proposal according to the template.

For those presenters who have been accepted, the following apply:

  • Presentation material in PowerPoint or PDF format to FTI's website (sent to FTI before 27 March)
  • The presentation shall not exceed 40 minutes (including questions)
  • The presentation does not include corporate or product advertising (only a brief presentation of the presenter and her/his company may be included)

However, there will also be an opportunity to hold presentations outside of the conference program where you can describe your company, products and services in details. More information about this will soon be coming in a separate invitation to exhibitors.

You are very welcome with your proposal!

Best Regards,
The FTI board

Proposal template

Title of the presentation

The presenter

Short presentation of the presenter, for FTI's website (300-600 characters and a picture):

Description of the presentation, for evaluation (at least 1200 characters)

Summary of the presentation, for FTI's website (300-600 characters)

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