We would like to invite you to submit your proposals for the World Forum on Controlled Natural Languages 2018! 
The call for papers is running until February 9, 2018!

This is your chance to tell your story, share best practices or present your ideas on
"Controlled Languages based on natural official languages"

Controlled Natural Languages are among the main key aspects for Industries, Companies and Academic world. 
The topic focus of the first World Forum on CNLs will be on methods, tools and processes for writing and translating univocally technical documentation in English and other than English languages.

The call for papers is open now and running until February 9, 2018.

We are looking for interesting proposals for workshops about English-based or other than English-based Controlled Natural Languages in the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Information
  • UX, CX, AR
  • Readability and readability indexes
  • Computer-Assisted Translation and Machine Translation
  • Semantic Web
  • Parsing
  • Language tools and Grammar checkers
  • Authoring systems
  • Regulations, Standards, and Directions
  • Practical application and user experience

New experienced speakers − all are welcome!

Workshops proposed need to present a business case in which the controlled language used arises as an efficient writing tool improving writability, translatability, and readability.
Controlled Languages already covered by the program are ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English, Español Técnico Simplificado, and ITS – Italiano Tecnico Semplificato. 
Other natural official languages using controlled linguistic systems are encouraged to present!

Target audience
The World Forum on Controlled Natural Languages is targeted at companies, professionals in the field of technical communication, technical writers, technical translators, content architects, academics, experts and scholars in the field of Controlled Languages, etc.

How to submit your proposal
You can propose a workshop (80-90 minutes) in English of one or more speakers. 
Please note that the contribution must be product-neutral and may not contain any tool advertisements. 
Individual proposals are accepted. Partner presentations may be accepted on request.
Your proposal is to be submitted via email which attached file in Word format must include, in the following order:

  • Workshop title
  • Author's full name
  • Email address for communications
  • Company name
  • 10 keywords
  • Abstract of between 1500 and 3000 characters (including spaces)
  • Paper body

Papers need to be only in English language and need to have maximum length of 5 pages.

Submit your proposal:

Evaluation of the papers submitted
Papers will be selected by the Organization Committee that consists of local and international experts in the field of technical communication. If it is considered in compliance with the topics of the event, you’ll be invited as speaker/s for a workshop at the dedicated session (March 17). If you have any questions, please contact events(at)comtec-italia.org.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Compulsory registration

Early-Bird Registration will close February 12!

Early-Bird Rate, COM&TEC Member – 120 € (plus VAT if due)

Early-Bird Rate, Non-Member – 200 € (plus VAT if due)


Registration Rate, COM&TEC Member – 150 € (plus VAT if due)

Registration Rate, Non-Member – 250 € (plus VAT if due)


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