Training Session 7 of TCQC

POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19. The new date will be on line as soon as the situation gets better. 



The First and Only Qualification Training for Technical Communicators in Italy


Training Session 7:

Methods and Systems for Intelligent Content - From Content Management to Content Delivery and Intelligent Services


Extended TOC:

*Basic Methodologies of Content Management:

  • Topic-based Content, Information Structures,
  • Classification & Metadata Management, Variant Management

*Basic Processes support of Content Management Systems

  • Automizing Document Generation and Variant Management
  • Publishing & Delivery, Interfaces to Translation Management, Version Management

*Content Delivery Concepts and Digital Information Services

*Introduction to CMS and CDP

*Recent Developments and Possible Extensions:

- iiRDS

- Ontologies/Augmented Intelligence

- Dynamic Archiving

- MicroDocs

- Metrics for CMS &CDP

- Artificial Intelligence



The seminar about Content Management and Applications of Intelligent Contents offers an introduction to basic concepts and methodologies for developing and introducing corresponding systems CMS & CDP. Participants will learn how to develop intelligent contents by topic-based information enriched by semantic metadata.

We will discuss how process support in CMS rely on metadata and how process automation can be achieved.

In addition, this training session will cover recent approaches for information design, creation and delivery for digital information services.
Depending on the intest and interaction/discussion needs by participants, the session will cover additional extended technological topics of Intelligent Content.


Trainer: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler

Short BIO:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler is physicist and since 2003, he is lecturing and performing research at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany. He teaches content management related topics of data, information and metadata modelling, system introduction and content delivery.
He has developed several industry-relevant concept like the PI-classification or the REx-method for measuring KPIs in CMS.
He gained more than 20 years of consulting experience and is running consulting businesses for introducing and improving content management, content delivery and archiving processes.


Simultaneous translation services EN-IT/IT-EN available.


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